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PrintFactory is designed and produced by Aurelon. Aurelon provides innovative technology for the processing of digital colour information for publishing to any media that requires accurate graphic production, automation and colour output. We provide third party manufacturing companies, producing tools for graphic arts production and colour editing, with technology for their Raster Image Processors (RIP) and Workflows, for generating Portable Document Format (PDF) files, and for Colour Management. WHAT CAN WE DO? Automation…… The software has built-in automation via XML or JDF support. A new tool for end users to easily glue this software to front end Web to Print, Automation Workflows and MIS systems, is currently in development and will make the software solution even more attractive. Cloud Engine……. This new feature on the clients support dashboard webpage allows a live link with their installation. It automatically backs up the installation including all profiles and custom files, spot tables, templates etc to the cloud. Savings………. And finally the software comes with INK SAVING tech built-in and for free, saving on average of around 20% of the clients digital ink bill and making this alone a cost neutral or money saving feature……………………………

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